Zebull Web is your reliable friend in your journey to becoming an expert trader. It is a feature-rich web application that prioritizes usability and reliability to make trading and investing effortless, convenient, and smooth.

Zebull Web introduces a ‘one-screen UI’ to simplify your trading setup. The Index view, Watch list, Chart, Orders, Position, Holding and fund, can all be viewed on a single screen.


Advanced Charts

Bring your strategies to life with accurate and advanced charts. Technical analysis charts are all made simple, accessible, and convenient for the trader– and with insights!

All Order Types

Access order types for all kinds of situations and opportunities – Normal, BO (an order type in which risk and reward are automatically managed by the system), CO, AMO.

Full-Day Session

Log in once for the day and enjoy easy access throughout the session.

Global Search

Stocks, F&O, commodity, and currency can be accessed across multiple exchanges instantly with keyword options.

All Order Types are included: Intraday (MIS), Carry forward (CNC for Stocks, NRML for F&O), Cover Order, Bracket Order, and After-Market Order.

Configurable Index Watch

Add your favorite and most-traded indices to your Index Watch for faster reference and trading.

Feature-Rich Platform

Enjoy a trading platform that is rich in intuitive features for every aspect of a trader’s needs to help equip him for greater profitability.

Easy to Use

Trade effortlessly with the user-friendly Zebull Web that is simple to understand for new traders, and easy to master for more advanced users.

Regular Upgrades

Enjoy periodic upgrades and innovative additions that can add value to your trading experience.

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